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with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with house oversight committee chair darrell issa. he's calling back former irs official lois lerner who has refused to testify. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and president obama prepares to unveil his new budget with defense cuts and no entitlement reforms. >> it makes no effort to address the drivers of our debt and deficit. >> we'll sit down with leaders of the congressional budget the committee, senator rob portman and congressman chris van hollen. plus arizona governor jan brewer vetoes a bill that would protect religious freedom over gay rights. but other states may take up similar measures. our sunday panel weighs in. and our power players of the week. they are mak
. putin got approval from the russian parliament to send troops into ukraine. and the russians have seized control of the crimean peninsula without firing a shot. ukraine's government says we are on the brink of disaster. and is asking the u.s. and europe for help. let's get the latest now from fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> chris, military historians say this could be the most dangerous situation in europe since the soviet invasion of czechoslovakia in 1968. president obama spoke by phone with russian president putin for 90 minutes saturday ghaending moscow withdraw its forces back to bases in crimea. the president offered to send international monitors to ukraine, you 00 crane yap officials say thousands of russian troops have flooded in to crimea, convoys have left their naval base surrounding an the only action is has been to pull out of preparatory meetings for a g-8 summit in sochi this june. ukraine closed its air space to noncivilian aircraft and withdraw its vessels from two bases. ukraine's prime minister appealed to the u.s. and britain to interven
action. in assuming control in a sovereign part of ukraine, the russian federation has contravened its obligations is a member of the international community. it has violated article two of the human charger which prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. it has failed to honor its international commitments as a founding member and is a signatory to the 1975 helsinki final act. it has taken back its obligations of the treaty on friendship and cooperation by russia and ukraine. the russian representative claims that mr. yanukovych has called for military intervention. we are talking about a former leader that abandoned his office, capital, and country. he brought his country to the brink of economic ruin. he protests against his government, leading to over 80 deaths. his own party has abandoned him. the idea that this now for trade any legitimacy is far-fetched. the government in kiev is legitimate and has been overwhelmingly endorsed by the ukrainian parliament. in the 21st century, no country should be act to hang with such a
] putin! the old -- it's the old bizarre animatronic trojan bear gag. it began when ukraine's russian leading president yanukovych. a new ukrainian president came in and russia has invaded crimea. russia would contest two of those points i made tnch in a russian city across the border vic cuc thu tran insist -- viktor yanukovych insisted did he not flee. >> jon: right. you didn't flee you just remembered in the middle of the night that you forgot to turn the oven off in russia. [ laughter ] and the second point of contention involves this whole russian military in crimea thing. >> here say quote "such reports are utter rubbish." we've gotten used to claims that we're conducting military operations against our neighbor. >> jon: can't a neighbor throwed an armed surprise party for a small part of ukraine that historically belonged to us without everything thinks? the russian troops are not on the ground in crimea. >> the russian government has not officially recognized the fact that these are russian solders. >> unmarked no insignia on the ground in crimea. >> they wouldn't tell us who
. but the russian president is dismissing that kind of talk saying the use of force in ukraine would be a last resort and made very clear who he believed is the legitimate ruler of ukraine. >> translator: it's constitutional reward and military seizure of power. the only legal president is yanukovych. only -- only -- few reason why -- how president can be changed. he is dead, impeachment, or resignation letter. >> reporter: but putin also went on to say that yanukovych has lost his power in ukraine, and can no longer return to lead. putin dismissed the west's support for the new government. as for his country's government in crimea, the russian president pointed to its historic ties to ukraine, calling it a fraternal partner bound by the partnership on the shores of crimea with a strong naval presence in the back sea. now del that naval port on the black sea has been within the russian spear of influence and control since the 18th century and katherine the great. it is highly unlikely they are going to get that out, it is key to their military power. but it is also important to note that vladi
crisis, putin is stepping closer to sending russian troops into ukraine, and putting washington and moscow on a diplomatic course. >>> march madness, a massive storm triggers mudslides, tornado warnings and evacuations, proving too much for drought-stricken california to handle. now it moves east and delivers crippling snow and ice and more arctic temperatures. >>> without warning, an avalanche roars inside a neighborhood and buries people inside one home. >>> and the bible on the big screen. will the faithful prove to be a box office blessing for a new film? >>> good evening, we begin with major developments in the crisis in ukraine which tonight is quickly developing into a testy showdown between the u.s. and russia. within the last few hours, president obama and russia's president putin spoke about the crisis by telephone hours after the russian parliament gave putin the okay to send troops into the ukraine. tonight the white house is warning the kremlin against what it calls the continuing violation of international law in ukraine, saying it will lead to greater political ec
, russian service men have been reported as digging ditches here in crimea. elsewhere in ukraine, the demonstrations for russia are continuing and the eastern part of karkieve. we see a lot of people jumping, shouting for russia and here in crimea, as well, people are very pro russian. we've seen a lot of on candlelight vigils over the last couple of days, people voicing their support for russia. also a lot of people in the area of kar can i eve have decided they're going to leave ukraine and have asked permission to be granted -- not necessarily asylum, but they would like to migrate & in show of their support for russia. finally, in moscow, lots of demonstrations for their support for the crimean people, which is basically 60% russian. they say they support vladimir putin sending ships here and they have pledged lots of money. they are putting money in buckets that are supposed to come here to crimea, as well, but still a very, very tense situation. jessica, thank you very much for the update there first hand. ukraine now appealing to the u.s. and tona for help. so far, the wes
today, president obama dressed tensions between ukraine and the russian federation and reports that russian troops were in the crimea region. he spoke to reporters in the briefing room for about five minutes. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they have unfolded in the ukraine. through this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle. the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies, we have urged an end to the violence and encourage ukrainians to pursue a course to forge a broad-based government and move to elections this spring. i also spoke with president putin. we have been in daily communication with russian officials. we have made clear they can be part of an international community effort to support the stability and success of a united ukraine going forward, which is not only in the interest of the people of the ukraine and the international community but also in russia interests. however, we are now deeply concerned
country has a duty to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. donetske, is the home of viktor yanukovych. rory challenge in moscow. let's go to tim friend who is in the ukrainian capital of kiev. this suggesting that russians, the ukrainian defense ministry now being denied from russia. what's the story from where you are tim? >> reporter: well i think everyone has an agenda obviously with this crisis in crimea. and of course, to a certain extent it is in the ukrainians' interest to keep reports of russian aggression or alleged aggression or forthcoming aggression high on the agenda. now, it pa may well frof to be e in the -- prove to be true in the coming hours that russia is going to carry out some kind of ultimatum or fulfill some kind of deadline for ukrainian troops have have been -- who have been surrounded in crimea by pro-russian forces, in their barracks, on their ships, may make good this reported threat which was coming from sources certified the defense ministry here, may make good that, and actually fulfill their plan. but, as you say, it's been denied at the moment by russia. n
today from russian president putin seemed to ease world tension overs ukraine, least temporarily, and at least enough for the financial markets to recover. after taking control of ukraine's crimea region, putin said russia has no swengz of fighting the ukrainian people or annexing crimea, but he reserved the right to use force to protect ethnic russians who live in eastern ukraine. in kiev today, the ukrainian captain, secretary of state john kerry honored protesters killed last month. those protesters drove ukraine's pro-moscow president viktor yanukovych from power, and that is what triggered putin's invasion. also today, the russians test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile in southern russia. elizabeth palmer reports from crimea that russian forces there fired warning shots at unarmed ukrainian soldiers. >> reporter: it was part military maneuver, part exercise in national pride. , cranian soldiers set out to demand the occupying forces give them back their weapons. instead the russians ordered them to halt. and then fired what may be the first shots since this invasi
a warning to russia as what appear to be a russian forces move into crimea in ukraine. >> we are deeply concerned about reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside ukraine. the united states will stand with the international community affirming there will be costs for any russian movements in ukraine. >> i should be bringing you news tonight of a new $21 billion veteran benefit package signed today by the president. but i am not because that bill died in the senate yesterday when it failed to get the 60 votes it needed to overcome a filibuster. and you will never get which party killed it. i mean, we all know which party is on the side of veterans, right? they tell us all the time. remember when they all headed to the world war ii memorial during the government shutdown to complain that the other anti-vet party was shutting veterans out? >> i will go anywhere any time a veteran needs me and i can get there to help and i've done it my whole life. it's who i am. >> they deserve being able to get into this memorial. >> one of you who served our country, who risked
in ukraine >> pelley: as russian troops land in ukraine, the world waits to see if it's a military invasion. reports from david martin at the pentagon and clarissa ward in ukraine. a major winter storm brings flooding to the west coast, and the system will soon sweep across the country. reports from ben tracy and elaine quijano. jerry brown first ran for president in the 70s. is he ready to run again in his 70s? what's the difference between governor brown '75 and governor brown 2014? >> pelley: and steve hartman on the road. a little boy finds a small fortune and gives a stranger something priceless. >> i look at it every day. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting from los angeles. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. at this hour is appears russian militaries forces are crossing the border into ukraine. in a region of ukraine known as crimea. late today, president obama went on national television to warn russia against a military intervention. ukraine has been reeling since last week when a popular revolt led the president
stranglehold on the ukraine. 16,000 russian troops now surround ukraine's border posts and military bases. ukrainian officials say that two warships are blocked in by four russian navy ships. >> we are examining a whole series of steps, economic and otherwise, that will isolate russia. says thatnt obama russia's actions violate international law and the global markets fell sharply today. for a womanoments in labor on the way at the hospital -- on the way to the hospital. they were leaving their annapolis apartment when they were confronted i've three men with guns. the man took off. the suspects tried to get the woman to let them into an apartment, but she did not have the key. with hercts took off car. after the chase, they were arrested and charged with robbery and assault. there is no word tonight on the woman's condition. the campaign for u.s. senate candidate ed gillespie of virginia is now linked with star power. mitt romney will be heading fundraisers this month in new york, and the tickets will cost, 0 for the reception and dinner. two classic cars swallowed by a sinkhole under th
to the russian military who have seized control of two airports in the ukraine. we're also hearing that as many as 20 russian marines armed with machine guns have surrounded a tv station in crimea, southern ukraine, although for right now they remain outside of the building. marines were called in to keep the building secure. this, as the country's ousted president emerged from the shadows today and came out swinging against his political opponents. a defiant viktor yanukovych made an appearance under russian presence saying that he's still in charge and he's not backing down. >> translator: nobody has overturned me. i was compelled to leave ukraine due to a direct threat of my life and my nearest and dearest. >> so that was his explanation for why he left. what he could not explain is how he plans to take back control of the country where an interim government is already in place and elections are set to pick a new leader. not to mention the fact that his supposed benefactor russian president vladimir putin has remained relatively quiet has his neighbor to the west unravels. putin put in a cal
of russians actually to the site and its protection offers its citizens and russian nationals in ukraine it securely in the east of the country and in the province republic of korea will yet it is the reason for it be a decision said media by the federation council again of course for the appeal in action off the russian president. when they are the authorities in ukraine southern republic of crimea also the russian president for helpful during an attempt to catch it the administration buildings bought all the men sent by the new authorities in kent and yet the smell brings the detox. overnight the group so foreign to him in the sense from kiev tried the storming in and captured several local government buildings here fighting weapons and using sound remains of the so called self defense quads were able to repel these attacks but perhaps that this was a turning point to which the gradient prime minister announced that he's temporarily taking over the control panel the crimean security services including b of the instability of the navy and for a bicycle to ask for much of assistance to h
russia. so on one hand the russians are still saying he's the president of ukraine, but they're also keeping him very much at arm's length. >> is there some sort of mediator that can calm this down? you heard from the spokesman of ban ki-moon saying that the secretary general will be speaking with putin shortly at the situation in ukraine. would he have any impact realistically on putin, ban ki-moon? >> that depends on putin. i mean there could well be a role for a mediation provided by the united nations or someone else if the russian is prepared to have this conference mediated. but what i find worrisome, you saw what happened last week in kiev after the ukrainian president fled. no one was talking about ending the russian bases, and instead, you had this escalation that looked like it was almost provoked by the russians. >>. >> former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. ambassador, thanks, very, very much for joining us, we're going to continue to watch the developments out of ukraine. the develop ments between russi and ukraine and the united states, much more after this. imagine if ever
to ukrain. about 60% of the population in crimea is russian. what is the push aaron alex alexis -- push and pull there? >> i have a lot of friends in ukrain and kiev and people are really divided. because i can't say all of the nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russia and lots of people who are against russia, and the country is really divide. really there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukrain are really worried about endangering the stuff ukrain have now, also the revolution, because the revolution is in near past and now the groups -- the power groups, fighting groups in ukrain are starting to kind of divide the pie, and just aim to acquire some part of the powers. some people from [ inaudible ] some official opposition politics, like klitschko and others, and for example [ inaudible ] nation from the extremist group radical extremist group called riot factor, who are not controlled -- >> tim, you mentioned the political parties,
of the justification from russia or what they believe legitimatizes russian ax in ukraine. the russian view is yanukovych is the legitimate leader of the country. if the legitimate leader of the country asks for help, russia is authorized and covered by international law by going in there and answering that call for help. the yanukovych position here in russia, well it's unclear. putin says he's only the only leader. he admits he's got no political future or chance of a comeback. he says he's told them to his face. from the russian view, yanukovych is political dead meat. they're using this request as yanukovych as justification for military action that could come from russia in ukraine. >> phil black, thank you. we'll be right back with a live report from crimea. stay with us. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 percent every year. go to e*trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert. it's low. it's guidance on your terms not ours. e*trade. less for us, more for you. so our business can be on
will stand with the people of ukraine. >> there was one dramatic moment between ukrainian troops and russian soldiers. a tense standoff. it was on camera. randall pinkston is here with more on that. >> ukraine's military evicted by russian forces this past weekend said they wanted to do their duty, to return to belbek, to protect the air force. their risky, maybe foolhardy gambit triggered gunfire, the first time in the showdown with russia. [ singing ] >> led by their commander ukrainian airmen marched from the barracks to the air base that russian soldiers have taken over. russians warned them to shop. the ukrainians kept coming saying, "let us enter the base, we rule here", russian snipers took up positions, aiming weapons at the ukrainians who left their callish na coves in the barracks. a russian soldier said, "you are provoking us", a ukrainian replied, "we are without weapons", there was a tense standoff, and phone calls between commanders. the ukrainians played soccer whilst waiting. plain clothed russian-crimean defense forces. the high risk manoeuvre was called off, and the men wer
russian forces inside of ukraine but you also of course had the duma requesting him to recall the ambassador from the u.s. so at this point in time of course this phone call is the main topic on russian media as well. and the kremlin did put out a statement as jim acosta just said. i want to read just a little bit of it. he said putin also stressed the presence of real dangers to the lives and the health of russians who are currently present on ukranian territory. putin stressed that in case of further spreading of the violence on the eastern regions of ukraine and crimea, russia reserves the right to defend its interests and the russian people -- the russian-speaking people who live there. so clearly they continue this narrative where they're saying they have the right to deploy their troops there. they've been granted the right to deploy their troops there. however they say they haven't done that yet. clearly of course the picture that we're seeing on the ground is a very different one. but i think it's very, very key that the russians keep stating the fact that they believe
you knew you . the ukraine to the old system of dictation us russian forces reportedly take control of two airports in arabia protests continue in the venezuelan capital of the stars of the week long carnival holiday pfft. german chancellor offers to find solutions to address its concerns about the european union. i think. ukraine's interior minister claims russian forces have now taken control of two appleton arabia. eyewitnesses of the regional center of sucre polled say the group was stressed that cinco the biggest those who sees the call of the team would be a guest today. what a beautiful day and explain to you and use what he was the view. we say to you when people write me a top step that will stay here for a long long period of time it's a place called sunday for rushing to hospital. also the ukrainians job of the are not able to carry piece. it was the last. the spokesman said the attack has occurred to me about the bad times apologize. actually all the words of the vitriol cold in the pool to suppress the poll was seized and the reports of anti corruption bill crushes do w
to ukraine. about 60% of the population in crimea is russian. what is the push and pull there? there has to be an internal struggle and struggle of allegiance, yes? >> what i can say is that i have a lot of friends in ukraine and kiev and [ inaudible ] especially, so people are really divided because [ inaudible ] all of the nation -- all of the ukraine nation wants to come to europe, there are a lot of people who are pro-russian, there are lots of people who are against russia, and the country is kind of divide. really, there are a lot of opinions on how the country will develop in some future -- in some near future, so that i'm really worried for my friends and my friends in ukraine are really worried about endangering the stuff ukraine have now, because of revolution is in their near past, and now groups -- there are powerful groups, fighting groups in ukraine are starting to kind of divide the pie, just aim to acquire some part of the powers. likely some people from [ inaudible ] some official mritices, like klitschko and others, and the [ inaudible ] nation is from extremist group c
in ukraine and here in washington. with russian forces staging what they call previously scheduled exercises near ukraine, secretary of state kerry talked on the phone to the foreign minister in moscow. who he said reyou a firmed russian president putin's promise to respect ukraine's borders. >> we believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations. >> reporter: but vladimir putin is also making clear russia is capable of invading ukraine. in 2008 russia did invade another neighboring nation, georgia. and last week's bloody protests in ukraine's capital kiev were a setback for russia prompting the national parliament to oust ukraine's pro russian president, viktor yanukovych. today near the big russian naval base that's in southern ukraine, pro russian army mob seized a government building and an anti-russian mob protested the. ukraine is dangerously divided and in financial crisis. defense secretary hagel warned moscow. >> i urged them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted. >> reporter: putin's shove force by his navy, his air force and his ground
. >> protesters around the globe are calling for peace in ukraine. dozens spoke out to the russian consulate. they called for a free and independent ukraine. >> over 100 people have marched more than two miles from new york's times square to the russian consulate to protest what they call an act of aggression on the part of putin and its ukrainian russian tensions coming to a boil - many demonstrators worried about their family back home. >> i have family in crimea, and they describe the situation as the russian soldiers occupying ukrainian territory. i don't feel safe for them. it's not - the russians should not interfere with ukraine. >> at the consulate and through the streets of new york city, protesters have been chanting crimea is ukraine. they want russian forces to redeploy back to their bases. >> still ahead - north korea launching missiles. why it may be a warning to the u.s., and why the regime later released a political prisoner. plus an olympian accused of murder. the case that's called south africa's o.j. simpson trial. (♪) >>> carnival taking a backseat in venezuela. why pro
virtually non existent in the ukraine people want to bad and russian speakers from using the language a little floppy five percent of the population of our actions speak of the small revolution of the stopwatch for a very dark seedy is all caucasus so if you are getting rid of the article that. to put it on rio. a patriotic person who would be like that though for all the people in the ukraine who would seek to unite the people of ukraine rather than divide them. who would seek to have good relations with that in a bus rather than provocative may seek to be a tough call for how the poems and interests as an interested than double the only different thing that was george galloway and member of the uk parliament's respect party and newly discovered evidence is now suggesting that it taxes father was executed ten years ago for killing his three daughters may have been innocent all along. cameron todd willingham was sentenced to death in nineteen ninety two u after being convicted of murdering his daughters by burning down the home they were and. however that was all according to our seve
request, to hold a special meeting in belgium today... to discuss russian military invasion of ukraine's crimea region. as >>> russia that is agreed to a nato request to hold a special immediating in belgium later today to discuss the russian military of ukraine's crimea region. as cbs news reporter susan mcginnis reports, tensions over the standoff do seem to be easing a bit though. >>> reporter: diplomacy takes center stage today surrounding russia's invasion of ukraine. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterpart this morning in paris. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russian and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> reporter: last night, president obama talked about a possible resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. the proposal would allow russian troops to stay in crimea but on their bases in the region. and international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. russian president vladimir putin calls the invasion a humanitarian mission to protect those russians living in u
council on monday ukraine's ambassador asked why some sixteen thousand russian troops had entered ukraine over the past week brandishing what he said was the call be a victory on the cool which is lesser than the russian ambassador said moscow and simply answer the former leader's request for military interventions that the person who would anybody today is the president of ukraine also shares of consent shares the concerns of a lodge as segments of the ukrainian population above what is going on and is appealing to the crash of two mules armed forces in order to change the situation and to prevent this attrition from father that every piece. moscow says it is protecting vulnerable russian speaking ukrainians in crimea. not an argument that has convinced western nations. russian military action is not a human rights protection mission is a violation of international law military action cannot be justified on the basis of threats that haven't been made and aren't being carried out. there is no evidence that ethnic russians are in danger. you don't produce two accused russia of a naked in t
or nine years ago. >> we will come back to you later, ryan chilcote live in the ukraine. >> russian markets bore the brunt of the emerging market follow its. jonathan ferro has more on the emerging market reaction. yesterday was a bit of a bounce. today? >> let's call yesterday monday and reverse. seeing stronger markets in asia and with all money going into the swiss franc and the japanese yen, a bit of a turnaround. dollar-yen high if you ever nikkei,to trade the it is up 1.5%. escalation has diminished somewhat. markets rarely have 2020 vision but people can get a little blasÉ. is 175ual gdp of ukraine billion dollars, four days of gdp and the u.s. and the entire stock capitalization is about the size of the disney company. this was never about ukraine. it was about spillover effect and what happens with russia and the eu. can you say that putin really stepped back yesterday? language and he did seem to step back somewhat. investors have jumped on it and they are almost back to where they were monday morning. >> you're describing it as a move back from the brink of war to a war
. >> but we start in ukraine where pro-russian protesters seized government buildings in the crimea region. the ukrainian interior forces and police have been put on alert. wooden barricades have been erected at the entrance to the crimea supreme council. the area surrounding the building has been the scene of violent confrontations. they raised a russian flag as a possible challenge to the new leadership. we are joined live from the crimea. a russian flag flying from government buildings. >> tell us what is happening now? >> that's right. the russian flag flying from the building behind me. about 200 metres away. that's the parliament building you can see over my shoulder. inside armed men, professionals. we don't know who they are, but they are understood to have come in overnight. security was not strong, was not strict, and they are occupying that building. we are hearing that they'll expect a parliamentary session later. it's possible that mps will meet in there despite all that is going on. adding to the mix, police who have cordoned off the area seem incredibly relaxed as if they kn
. the russian dumema to approve the use of military force not in crimea specifically, but in ukraine. that puts everything in high gear. we are hearing that there will be an u.n. urgent meeting today in new york. the u.n. security council meeting probably in an hour. we have heard from the e.u. foreign ministers. they also will be holding an emergency meeting tomorrow in london the british foreign minister has made a statement saying that calls into question the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine potentially if military force is used. and calling the russian ambassador to britain to get an explanation of what is going on with russian maneuvers. just an awful lot we know in london there will be protests tomorrow. a lot of fast-moving developments here, and a lot of reaction in moscow. >> as far as russia is concerned, what is the reason for all of this? >> they have said that that they basically maneuvered lega legale and motions and constitutions in ukraine that says enable them to do this. the reason again for those--for this development i. now our colleague in al jazeera lawrenc
.33 a barrel. and notice the markets have put this behind them. the events in ukraine remain fluid. russian soldiers fired warning shots to push back ukrainian soldiers. no one was hurt hurt. secretary of state john kerry was in the capitol of kiev carrying on a promise of $1 billion in emergency aid and criticized russia's moves in ukraine. >>> the crisis in ukraine is shining a harsh light on that country's economy and it's need to avoid default and it's highlighted russia's economic weakness and it's overreliance on energy exports. these two countries are home to plenty of rich people. plenty of billionaires, but that was not always the case. back in 2004 forbes reported that russia had 25 billion narrows and ukraine had none. ten years later forbes said russian has 111 billion narrows and ukraine has nine. the u.s. and china have the world's most billion narrows. all this information and more is in the forbes world billion narrows issue out this week. joining me to talk about those on the list, cary, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me . >> ologarts
. the russians taking control in the view of the u.s. diplomatic development. putin is not blinking. you ukraine's new navy chief switched sides today. one day after he got the job. and we are tracking a strange standoff now in the region. pro russia forces are demanding that troops inside them turn over their weapons. here at home president obama met with his national security team at the white house. secretary of state john kerry says he needs to quote roll it back in crimea. if it comes to that. kiev may turn to the west for help. we are joined by former u.s. ambassador in falls church, georgia. thank you for joining us. in light of these developments in the last few minutes here. if i can start with you, word that forces have taken control. is this an invasion? >> it is. and it is not unusual for us to see russian forces now surrounding ukraine yan bases to ensure that they have complete control with the land mass to ensure that doesn't flip or anything that takes place is in question. it is not unusual at all that we would see this. we are seeing the steps of some form maybe premature on my
's a cause for action. >> reporter: and tenses rose in eastern ukraine. in crimea where the russian navy, air force, and army have control, russian advocates strapped in a cafe, a dutch united nations man finally three. aboorted his mission and checked vladimir putin's rationale for sending russians here. that they're in danger. in paris russian foreign minister met with secretary of state kerry but he refused to meet with ukrainians. >> we renew our call for russians to speak for the government of ukraine to send troops back to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mccain charge thad obama defense secretary chuck hagel did not know putin would send troops to crimea. >> the fact is, mr. secretary, it was not predicted by our intelligence and that's already been well known, which is another massive failure. >> this wasn't sudden or new, that we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: house republicans say they'll support economic sanctions if that's what the president wants. >> to give the administration the necessary tools it needs to tell mr. putin to stand down. >> reporter:
, but there are russia's -- russians and western ukraine. their situation is even more difficult. minority. they are being oppressed. how can we help them? >> we think that the current authorities, if they really claim to be civilized, should make sure that their citizens are secure regardless of where they live. we will watch and monitor the situation, of course. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] senators chris murphy, john mccain, and jeff sessions spoke about russian intervention in ukraine in floor speeches on tuesday. this is 30 minutes. completely dwarfing any amount of money spent on the other side. i want to talk about the ongoing crisis in the ukraine and i'm glad to have senator mccain on the floor today because it's really hard to describe the sensation both he and i felt at the end of last year when we got the chance to travel to the midon, independent square in kiev and speak to about a million people. and it was even harder to describe the sensation of hearing that group of people yellin
're following. an ultimatum in ukraine, russian telling forces in the crimea to surrender. >> this cannot be the way in the 21st century to conduct international affairs. >> the international community trying to respond to russia's occupation. >> oscar pistorius pleading not guilty as he goes on trial for
with the ambassador. he says that the ukraine will defend itself against what he calls the illegal russian aggression. he says kiev does not want an armed conflict but will be successful. he wants the world leaders to stand up to vladimir putin, to tell them to, quote, cool things off. clearly the tensions and the prospect of a possible war in and a military standoff are taking its toll. >> you fear there could be war. >> well, i think to pray and to be situated and to think about that, have to be prepared for what happened. we are preparing to defend ourselves. we are preparing to defend ourselves with the help of our partners. so the message is, in europe, in the united states. >> and we expect the ambassador to basically echo those same comments he gave us. >> it's been quite a series of sort of contradicting statements we have heard out of russia. do we have any clarity yet? >> no, other than here, the russian ambassador continues to defend the actions of moscow, and he blames this crisis on the west. he says that the military forces were sent in to ensure stability of the crimea region and says
to the ukraine and russian nationalists opposed that. back to that in a minute. the main point here is that tensions from the end of the cold war started. 994, there was an agreement that ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for russia, u.s., and european security assurances that all of the states would guarantee ukrainian territory. that is what has been questioned. that agreement in 1994, the budapest agreement, was a neutralized ukraine and all the states guaranteed its territorial integrity. that is basically what has fallen apart with putin going into the crimea. marketas often seen as a tactician. how on earth did he not see this one coming? there was already a threat to the black sea fleet at its main base. we have had a country which has , some would say, by a kleptocratic government for some time. how did he take his eye off the ball? >> from his perspective, he was worried that he made movement would renounce ukrainian neutrality. it would join nato, join the move towardsn, or the european union, and therefore undermined the eurasian customs union that try
the weapons in crimea. they are the heavily pro russian state in ukraine. u.s. officials say 6,000 troops are already there taking control. today president putin watched his troops in russia practicing and as he bears down, the world is waiting to see how president obama will live up to his work. three days ago, he spoke with costs for any military intervention by russia. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the capital of kiev tonight and the u.s. just announced they won't send a delegation to the paralympics in sochi that start on friday. the critics say the u.s. response has not been fast or furious enough. senator john mccain for instance spoke to cnn last hour. >> with ukraine, it is the crown jewel. let's go back to peace. what kind of a message are we sending and slashing the military some. >> we are covering this international kroo isz from all angles the retired general. phil black is in moscow. help us clear up the confusion here. the question we want to know with forces, did russia issue an ultimatum and set this deadline on ukrainians if they don't swear allegiance or s
in the ukraine. this morning, after russian president vladimir putin ordered troops stationed on the eastern ukrainian border back to base. this comes after the imf agreed to sanctions on russia. the eu leaders will work for an emergency summit on the continuing crisis on thursday. the eu attempts to show a unified front on russia was damaged yesterday by a british foreign office official who was photographed entering downing street carrying a document warning the uk should not close financial centers to russians. carolin, this highlights the point that it's tough to get agreement even within the eu on this subject. but should they manage to do that, what kind could those kind of sanctions involve? >> the eu was pretty big about that. they said they can suspend talks on visa matters and they could take the unb targeted measures. the press has speculated this could include freezing of assets for a link to the misappropriation of funds, it could involve an arm embargo against russia, but that hasn't been confirmed. and yesterday there were a lot of questions about what could trigger those sanc
an agreement with ukraine on the presence of the russian black sea fleet or the base and we're acting within the framework of that agreement. >> the ukrainian government sees things differently. it fears losing control especially since the local autmuss government is now appealing to russia to intervene. >> recognizing my responsibility for the lives and the security of the people, i ask russian president putin to offer assistance in providing peace and order in the territory of the autmuss republic. >> so at the moment all signs point to confrontation. the ukrainian government has placed its troops on high alert and wants to show that it will not bow to the provocations from russia. or there's talk of thousands. >> well, there are reports that russian troops are on move throughout and i show pictures shot by ukrainian news agencies showing russian vehicles patrolling some villages nearby. and there are reports that another airport in the region was seized by armed men. here in the city center, the situation has changed as well. the governmental area was shut down for all traffic into, it's
warning shots and stood face to face with ukraine soldiers. they were demanding the russians vacate the area. the tense standoff occurred just before secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev to show support for ukraine's government. >> the united states reaffirms our commit to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. according to international law. we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression. >> reporter: russia is under pressure to pull thousands of troops from southern ukraine, a region with many ethnic russians and considerable strategic advantages for russia's military. in his first extended comments since russian troops seized crimea, president vladimir putin called the recent uprising an unconstitutional ciewp and said moscow -- coup and said moscow reserves the right to protect ukraine [ inaudible ] it will offer advisories to help with new elections. president obama has also been huddling with his staff about economic sanctions against russia that might convince putin to change course. world financial markets and russia's currency rebounded tuesday aft
armed forces of the russian federation in the territory of the ukraine. we were informed about the illegal crossing of the border by russian military transports, about 10 of them, arriving. 11 military cargo -- 11 military helicopters were also crossing borders, as well as the situation, the other situation. these are military attack helicopters, by the way, not transport, mi-24. we informed about -- just forgot the name. we informed, also, the brutal case of the russian navy officer moved his contingent when he was stopped and demanded to explain what was going on. he is a russian navy captain, who tried to explain his actions by recent decisions by the crimean authorities. i informed the security council about our extreme concern and expressed strong indignation regarding the recent post on the facebook page of the russian foreign ministry. i quote this posting. "instructions have been sent to the russian consulate general to undertake all necessary measures in order to stop the issue of russian passports to the police unit. this unit that was involved on the streets of kiev,
a speech on foreign affairs an then gets on a plane and heads for ukraine. he may meet with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov. >> michael, forgive me for the bluntness of this question. when we spend so much time on the international story. why does the u.s. impair the ongoing crisis in ukraine and particularly in crimea? >> that is threshold question, no question about it. that is the first question when the president ultimately faces the press on this that he will get from the press corps. a destabilized ukraine means a destabilized europe and all kinds of problems for the united states. the president also says today, when congress does return, they're out today on a snow day, he wants them to take up sanctions in coordination with the european union, against russia in retaliation for this. harry reid, the democratic leader says we can't wait, we have to go it alone. only 2% of the trade is done with russia. this affects europeans much more than it does the united states, in a much more direct fangs. any unilateral sanctions from united states wouldn't have the bite unless the eur
of ethnic russians and russian speakers in eastern, southern and in the crimea portions of the ukraine, then the united states will work to put international monitors to look after their interests. nobody really expects vladimir putin to go for that. the united states has been scrambling over the last 72 hours ever since it looked like this is how it would unfold, all the talk is about trying to get the europeans on board about economic sanctions against russia. the israeli prime minister previously scheduled in the oval office, benjamin netanyahu, the talk would be all about the iranian nuclear program or prospects for peak in the middle east. but today inevitably the president was asked about the crisis in ukraine. here is part of his response. >> what cannot be done is for russia with impunity to put its soldiers ton groun on the ground violate basic principles around the world. i think the strong condemnation that it's received from countries on the world indicate the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> secretary of state john kerry is traveling overn
autonomus ukraine says russian military forces blocked the airport in crimea. armed men have taken control of the international airport in the capitol and they are wearing unmarked uniforms, no insinnias and the airport is functioning normally and it's in the hands of armed men and took control of the building on thursday and they are standing their ground. in kiev, ukraine temporary parliament asked the council to call a session and is summoning security chiefs over the crisis. as for the president, viktor yanukovych he says he is still president and in charge but speculation is increasing about his whereabouts and has been for days and looks like he is in the southern russian city near the border of ukraine and he says he will hold a news conference there in the next few hours. and our correspondence are covering all angles of the story and we are in crimea's capitol and in kiev where they are scrambling to try to contain the crisis and in russia where yanukovych is due to speak and first let's cross to the civilian airport and there are two and we are on the lien and who is in control o
to the crisis in the ukraine. investors are selling off russian and western assets on concerns that we are seeing a standoff between russia and the west intensify to a level we have not seen, really, since the end of the cold war. jonathan ferro joins us with the details of the selloff in russia, while caroline hyde takes a closer look at what is happening to european companies and markets. >> russian equities down eight 8.5%.lf percent -- that was for one reason and one reason only, russia's central bank comes out and hikes to seven percent from 5.5%. they say the reason is to prevent inflation risks and ensure financial stability. it does not remove political risk. that is what is driving these markets. look in commodity markets, that is where you get the broader story. natural gas is up two percent this morning. his been up there since most of the morning. this is critical, not just for russia and ukraine, but for the eu as well. they get a third of their gas imports from russia. that takes away some of the leverage they have in their negotiations. what happens to the likes of europ
you with us. 150,000 russian troops on the border with ukraine. they have the cry me an -- krimmnan ports are filled with russian ships. >> i take my hat off to the ukrainian leadership, they navigated waters that have been stirred up by mr. putin well, resisted any type of arm react. they are working hard to establish a democratic government, in kiev, they are doing the right thing. they are asking for financial aid from the european union and the united states to get themselves back on their feet, fiscally. but in terms of who putin is doing, it is important to understand that krimea is vitally important to russians. sebastopol is only warm water port they have, we perhaps don't make as much as of domestically as perhaps russian do this is a very emotional issue, for all of the russian people and putin's reputation is at stake. lou: so is the landover which his pipelines run, carrying natural gas to europe, so is the bread basket that is ukraine russian for russia an stomachs. >> hard to say, so far, he has not put the hammer down. but remember, now, the russians, as you say have
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